Ceramic balls

Ceramic balls

Precision balls

Precision ceramic balls are widely used as the rolling elements both in the ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings. Other types of applications are measuring valves and measuring tips.

We offer precision balls from such materials as:

  • silicon nitride
  • zirconium dioxide (zirconia)
  • aluminum oxide
  • carborundum (silicon carbide)
  • tungsten carbide

Grinding media

The use of ceramics as grinding media has two main advantages: durability and purity of the starting material. Size and material of grinding media are chosen on the basis of the technological conditions of the shredding process of a given material.

We offer the grinding media in form of balls of the following materials:

  • silicon nitride
  • zirconium dioxide
  • aluminium oxide
  • silicon carbide
  • tungsten carbide
  • zirconium silicate
  • glass

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