Abrasion-resisting lining of pipelines

Abrasion-resisting lining of pipelines

Pneumatic or hydraulic transport of the media such as ash, slag, coal dust or alternative fuels (biomass) requires the preparation of certain elements of pipelines such as distributors/manifolds, bends or diffusers in a special way. These are places of installation most exposed to abrasion/detrition. The best solution offered in the market are elements lined with ceramics. Applying/use of our solution provides several times longer inter-renovation periods.

Our ceramic materials used on abrasion-resisting lining consist of min. 92% of pure aluminium oxide, are pressed at a pressure of up to even 200 MPa and are sintered at a temperature of 1600ºC. Our linings are mounted on the binder/binding agent of own idea/invention, which has excellent adhesive properties for ceramics and metal, and, in addition, is also abrasion-resisting.

Abrasion-resisting linings we make for:

  • power plants
  • cement mills (cement plants)
  • papermills (paper factories)

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